Thursday, 10 August 2017

Chaos Army Progress

I wasn't lying when I said I was building a Chaos Army honest! Just check out the progress pics below for proof!

Four more Minotaurs need to be painted to beef up the two shown and another three knights to flesh that unit out.

Still need to finish off the pack animals for the Baggage Train...

One regiment of C35 Chaos Knights/Warriors, no duplicates, we don't like duplicates! Each has 3 gold plated cogs on his base and some static grass.

This old Dragon Ogre is one of my favourite models. He is probably your favourite too, what a classic! I just had to include him and change his base from an oval to a chariot base.

Knights looking kinda shiny, Pantheon of Chaos shields suit them rather nicely, I will give them some sharper highlights before final varnish I think to bring out their colours a bit more.

Minotaur's on the march, once this awful wet weather sorts itself out I will be able to final varnish and sort out the banner for the battle standard, in the meantime he is walking around with a big twig.

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