Sunday, 6 August 2017

Building a Realms of Chaos Army

I have been collecting miniatures for almost 25 years now and I am ashamed to say I have never built myself a true Realms of Chaos style army. So I figured now is a good a time as any to begin!

Being that my family and I are moving house soon I needed a good sort of my miniatures anyway so I began building units on the floor as I came across the models. I thought I maybe able to make at least one unit of each of the main races.

To my surprise I had enough Beastmen to make 3 units of 15, them being armed with two hand weapons, hand weapons and shield and a slightly smaller Ungor style unit with again hand weapons and shields. They are made up of several ranges worth of models, mostly Citadel, Midlam Miniatures, and some Ral Partha pieces.

I was adamant I wanted a Baggage Train as I have always loved the idea of this band of misfits trailing the main body of the army, picking up things left behind, harvesting any poor souls that may have escaped the clutches of the Beast herds and generally looking skanky. For this I plugged for the Midlam Miniatures wagon and rider and some beasts of burden, an Evil Lord and a retinue of a Goblin Captain, Orc Spearman and an Empire Pike-man from Citadel.

The Beasts are backed up with some major muscle in the form of a Minotaur herd led by a Minotaur Lord from Midlam Miniatures, in my opinion the best Minotaurs ever sculpted.

To give the army some faster elements I opted for a Chaos Chariot from Citadel and a unit of Chaos Knights from Ral Partha Europe with Pantheon of Chaos shields.

To help with the clean up of the battlefield after the melee I thought a unit of Thugs might go down well so I bought a couple more and managed to make a small unit of 10, they are a mixture of Citadel and Ral Partha Europe miniatures.

I found out my old Essex Miniatures 'Giant' who will be used as a lone Ogre as a gap filler.

To support this I opted for a couple of magicians in the form of: a mounted Chaos Sorcerer from Essex Miniatures and a Beastman Shaman from Midlam Games.

My Chaos Lord is a Mortal Champion from the Pantheon of Chaos.

Note: After this photo was taken I came across 3 Speciality Sets of Chaos Knights and Warriors and just had to include them in the line up! So 2 units of 20 Chaos Warriors too!