Sunday, 4 September 2016

Essex Miniatures

I just got some great Evil Knights and Chaos Warriors from Essex Miniatures and really had to share them. They came as shown with very little flash to remove, really quite nice castings. As you can see they are pretty varied and have some cool dynamic poses, I will endeavour to get another picture of the knights up shortly as I get them out of their plastic! Peace.

Above we have a Giant on the left, although Games Workshop scale creep dictates that he is little more than a nicely attired Ogre in reality! Mage top centre, the rest are Chaos Warrior Champions. All are single piece models with integral bases and lets face it they look lovely.

These fellas are dismounted Evil Knights, they come in 2 packs of 3, some with separate weapons.

And finally a Citadel Cockatrice for good measure, simply because it arrived at the same time. It will look nice with these guys though!

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