Sunday, 31 July 2016

Making Bad: Nurgle Champions

The fantastic Nurgle Champion sculpts from Citadel. Seriously lads these guys are fab, they have so much character and really are some of the best models created at the time. Be sure to check them out in the video below!

It actually took me a hell of a long time to complete this set, about 2 years in total scanning eBay almost on a daily basis. Eventually I didn't even need to do that as I managed to find the final guy (the chap who has a guy sitting on his helmet driving him) from a mate on the Oldhammer Trading Page! Result!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Making Bad: Nurgle Renegades

Nurgle Renegades! I love these little chaps, they are the original mass production run of Renegades so they out date Plague Marines and Death Guard and should be saluted for it. They have a mish mash of different mutations and crazy things going on, for instance one of the guys has a hollow head and is being piloted by a little demon, great stuff!

Basically all my models are conversions of a sort, I really try to bring out as much character and fun in them as possible. Unfortunately long gone are the days when Games Workshop had a sense of humour (Chaos Toilet anyone?), so I'm trying to bring that back with goofy looking models that really make you think.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Making Bad: Fabius Bile

The ever so evil Fabius Bile and a collection of his experiments. Not all of them seem to have achieved the desired results unfortunately!

Most of these models aren't from one set, they are a real mix from lots of collections. Most obviously the Zoat Wizard who is from a totally different army and I would say the Mud Man who is I believe from Night Horrors (I really need to get myself some more of those fellas they are super characterful!). Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Making Bad: Chaotic Cavalry

The second instalment in my Making Bad series, today we are looking at my cavalry models. Yeah I need a few more to make a suitable unit plus they are a bit of an eclectic mix to say the least but I like em!

I really wanted these guys to be unique, the sort of models that you do a double take on as you don't quite recognise them in army shots. I always remember when I saw a converted model in White Dwarf back in the 90's and thought to myself 'I wonder how they did that' or 'what model is that?' that's the sort of reaction I wanted to create from people. Hopefully I achieved it!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Making Bad: Plague Zombies

A bit of a change of tact here, I have been filming my adventures in lead for the last few weeks and here is the first of a new series I like to call 'Making Bad'. It is I hope, the first of many so enjoy!

Today we are looking at the nefarious Karloth Valois, a character from Necromunda. He is a fab one piece model from Games Workshop and stands probably a good 3mm taller than most other models, this gives him a real presence amongst his rank and file troops who are all crippled old zombies.