Sunday, 11 December 2016

Video Nasties

Ever since I was a kid I have been intrigued by old school horror movies. I think I ended up watching Evil Dead 2 on Channel 5 late at night and it was the absolute best thing ever to a young impressionable Nergling!

So as an homage to those heady summer days, sat inside with the curtains drawn watching Vipco movies, I have made a Google+ Collection documenting the full 72 original Video Nasties! Enjoy!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Making Bad: Fimir Warband

Hey there guys, welcome back. I finally managed to get my Fimir Warband finished... Well I say finished in the loosest sense of the word! I still have another Meargh and another Warrior to get but I have managed to source them on eBay and they should be here soon (fingers crossed on those bids!).

So for the moment enjoy what I have managed to do over the last few weeks.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Head swaps!

I saw some great minis on the Oldhammer forum a few weeks ago with head swapped Beastmen, it made me think of the old painting below.

So I thought I would give a head swap a go and see what I could do with it. The head is a simple goats head from a random farmyard animals set, I think it cost £1.99 from the local toy store, I then blended the horns into the head with milliput and modified the mace to be a two-handed weapon. I think my efforts turned out alright!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Making Bad: Carnival of Chaos (original)

I have been searching for that last Strongman for ages, he finally came up for auction on eBay a couple of weeks ago and has been sitting on my desk just begging to be painted ever since.

So my question to you is, do you have a prized model that it took you ages to find? If so what was it and how long were you looking for it?

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Making Bad: Brutal Weaponry

A highlight reel of my Chaos Renegade heavy weaponry. These lads are packing some serious heat! I recently managed to complete my collection with the addition of a quite difficult chap to acquire.

I don't know if it was a policy of Games Workshop and Citadel back in the day to release lower numbers of certain figures but it's a real bummer trying to find some of these gits lol!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Making Bad: More Giants!

So to get ahead I have made a video about some more Giants! Painted for the most part over the last couple of weeks these lads bring some serious class to my Giant horde, Tom Meier you are a champ!

The added bonus today is one hell of a badass Dalek... Wait what? Yeah a GIANT DALEK!!!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Making Bad: The Giant Horde

I'm back making videos after a couple weeks off. I had a weekend off to visit family on the mainland, which was rather nice. So back to it! This week we have some of my Giants led by the awesome mounted Chaos Lord from Games Workshop.

I have the old Forgeworld Giant too but he is so huge I couldn't fit him on film. I'll have to do a special feature on him or something soon, maybe a new series about my larger models like my Tamurkhan Plague Factory and Giant Dragon Ogre...

Sunday, 25 September 2016

How to re-purpose an old book

So I have been working on an old book I found in a thrift store and this is how it is coming along. I had the idea quite a while ago to totally re-purpose an old hardback book and make it something of a showpiece. It has proved to be quite an epic task though. The book is about 400 pages long so I may cut it down to about 200 as I am gluing new pages in and printed pictures too so it will get extremely bulky with all that extra paper in there.

As you can see the edge of the book looks pretty chaotic, all very well for a book about Chaos but not really my style. What I'm going for is a Forgeworld Horus Heresy look. I have some nice metal book corners to apply to the book once I have covered it in leather.

Above one edge has been silvered with a permanent silver pen, it took quite a while as it was hard to get into all the creases as the pages don't quite line up properly!

Some of the tools I'm using in the project, you can add a sharp exacto blade to that.

3M Photo Mount super smelly stuff but very good too, make sure you use it OUTSIDE in a dry place (shed will do on a dry day).

A before shot for one of the pages.

And an after shot, hopefully this is a sign of things to come and can inspire me to actually finishing this insane project!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Making Bad: Chaos Warriors

This week we are looking at some of my Chaos Warriors, not all of them but a fair few. They are a mix of 80's fellas. Of course based on hexy and a load of spare watch pieces used to spruce them up.

The added bonus this week is my Archaon he is a little worse for wear as he has suffered several calamities during cleaning, painting and varnishing oh and not to mention a post painting mishap... Yea that could have been totally avoided but eh never mind he is all the more characterful for it!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Making Bad: Carnival of Chaos

The start of the second series of Making Bad, I was having a nightmare trying to keep my iPhone steady in the last video so I had to take it down and redo it. I customised myself an iPhone holder from a car phone holder and my old camera's tri-pod. I guess that's the beauty of being handy with superglue and milliput you can make something out of anything!

Anyways here is my Carnival of Chaos, still working out what to use as the Nurglings! I have just received some very nice Kromlech Plaguelings and they come in quite a variety of shapes and sizes so I may just use them. Enjoy!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Essex Miniatures

I just got some great Evil Knights and Chaos Warriors from Essex Miniatures and really had to share them. They came as shown with very little flash to remove, really quite nice castings. As you can see they are pretty varied and have some cool dynamic poses, I will endeavour to get another picture of the knights up shortly as I get them out of their plastic! Peace.

Above we have a Giant on the left, although Games Workshop scale creep dictates that he is little more than a nicely attired Ogre in reality! Mage top centre, the rest are Chaos Warrior Champions. All are single piece models with integral bases and lets face it they look lovely.

These fellas are dismounted Evil Knights, they come in 2 packs of 3, some with separate weapons.

And finally a Citadel Cockatrice for good measure, simply because it arrived at the same time. It will look nice with these guys though!

Sunday, 28 August 2016


Lacking any inspiration since getting back to work, meeting after meeting has really worn me down this week. So the wife and I started watching Breaking Bad again, already 2 seasons deep and it is so damn good on the second viewing!

"Stay out of my territory..."

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Making Bad: Obliterators

Welcome back to the man cave! This week we have my Chaos Obliterators, they are fully customised and converted to the max. I really wanted them to be as close to Tetsuo the Ironman as possible in look and feel and I think I have just about achieved it.

Not sure if this is going to be end of this series yet, my iPhone still hasn't arrived so I figure I may end up doing another couple of videos on the old Cybershot. We shall see what the weekend brings!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Making Bad: Plague Marines 2

My second squad of Plague Marines that make the backbone of my Death Guard force. Tough as nails bastards that can survive the harshest of environments. This is due to not only their Space Marine constitution, but also an unholy bond to their master that protects them from the most lethal of wounds.

Getting towards the end of this series now, I figure I will do 8 episodes a series. I plan on getting an iPhone soon and filming with that instead of my ancient Sony Cybershot that I got about 10yrs ago. So not only will you have widescreen but you will have extra sharp detail too, on wards and up wards!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Making Bad: Plague Marines 1

A quick update this weekend, the first squad of my Plague Marines. 13 metal models and 1 plastic that make up 2 squads of 7 (the number of Nurgle). Enjoy!

I have the updated metal Plague Marines that were released after these guys too, I will be doing a feature on them soon. However for some reason there are 8 of them, 7 released in a set and then a lone plasma gun toting chap in a blister pack. For completions sake of course I got them all though, curse that OCD...

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Making Bad: Nurgle Champions

The fantastic Nurgle Champion sculpts from Citadel. Seriously lads these guys are fab, they have so much character and really are some of the best models created at the time. Be sure to check them out in the video below!

It actually took me a hell of a long time to complete this set, about 2 years in total scanning eBay almost on a daily basis. Eventually I didn't even need to do that as I managed to find the final guy (the chap who has a guy sitting on his helmet driving him) from a mate on the Oldhammer Trading Page! Result!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Making Bad: Nurgle Renegades

Nurgle Renegades! I love these little chaps, they are the original mass production run of Renegades so they out date Plague Marines and Death Guard and should be saluted for it. They have a mish mash of different mutations and crazy things going on, for instance one of the guys has a hollow head and is being piloted by a little demon, great stuff!

Basically all my models are conversions of a sort, I really try to bring out as much character and fun in them as possible. Unfortunately long gone are the days when Games Workshop had a sense of humour (Chaos Toilet anyone?), so I'm trying to bring that back with goofy looking models that really make you think.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Making Bad: Fabius Bile

The ever so evil Fabius Bile and a collection of his experiments. Not all of them seem to have achieved the desired results unfortunately!

Most of these models aren't from one set, they are a real mix from lots of collections. Most obviously the Zoat Wizard who is from a totally different army and I would say the Mud Man who is I believe from Night Horrors (I really need to get myself some more of those fellas they are super characterful!). Let me know in the comments which one is your favourite.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Making Bad: Chaotic Cavalry

The second instalment in my Making Bad series, today we are looking at my cavalry models. Yeah I need a few more to make a suitable unit plus they are a bit of an eclectic mix to say the least but I like em!

I really wanted these guys to be unique, the sort of models that you do a double take on as you don't quite recognise them in army shots. I always remember when I saw a converted model in White Dwarf back in the 90's and thought to myself 'I wonder how they did that' or 'what model is that?' that's the sort of reaction I wanted to create from people. Hopefully I achieved it!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Making Bad: Plague Zombies

A bit of a change of tact here, I have been filming my adventures in lead for the last few weeks and here is the first of a new series I like to call 'Making Bad'. It is I hope, the first of many so enjoy!

Today we are looking at the nefarious Karloth Valois, a character from Necromunda. He is a fab one piece model from Games Workshop and stands probably a good 3mm taller than most other models, this gives him a real presence amongst his rank and file troops who are all crippled old zombies.

Sunday, 26 June 2016