Thursday, 27 November 2014

Dead as a Doornail (2001)

A fantastic piece of horror nonsense Dead as a Doornail is one of those classics that will stay with you for years afterwards... unfortunately!

Based in the distant past of 1997, strange happenings have been recorded all over the United States of America. The president has given in to his advisor's and declared martial law. Shootings, murders and be-headings have become rife and it's a wonder normal life continues anywhere. However in some rural settings life goes on blissfully unaware of the danger to life and limb. Tell me that doesn't start the inspirational juices flowing!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Robocop (1987)

Another of my hands down favourites coming right up! Robocop was my gore bar mitzvah a happy and disturbed time in my childhood where my dad thought it was fine to let an impressionable young boy watch one of the most violent movies of its day.

Indeed Robocop is one hell of a movie. The good cop Robert Murphy chases some nasty blokes into a factory (why do these things always happen in factories) only to get blown away when cornered by the group. The helpful local corporation buys his corpse and melds his mind and for somereason the front of his face with an almost invincible robotic body. Awesome!

Cue bad guys getting their comeuppance and fun had by all, if you love horror and dystopian futures then this is the movie you have looking for!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Evil Dead II (1987)

One of my absolute favourite films of all time, not just horror, but dark dark comedy coming your way! Evil Dead II is the perfect blend of gory horror schlock and goofy black as hell comedy. The movie takes over where the original left off. Contrary to popular belief it is not actually a remake but a continuation of the story. Whilst yes it is in the same house and lots of gory nonsense happens it does actually build on the story. Ash has been thrown across the forest and is now mutating into Good Ash and Evil Ash a separation that will set us up nicely for the third movie in the trilogy.

Of course this is the movie that inspired my own attempts at movie making with Dead as a Doornail, so I have to give this film 5 thumbs up!