Thursday, 30 April 2009

Times Square

Headed down to Times Square today, as usual totally chaotic! Pretty awesome all the same, nothing quite like it back home in the UK that's for sure.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

New York, New York

So I arrived in New York yesterday, first day of travelling! First impressions are it's a hell of a big place! It looks exactly like it does in the movies, apart from the explosions, it's certainly very chaotic. 6-8 lane roads in the middle of a city boggles my mind a bit I think. I found my hostel (in Harlem) quite easily after a super expensive cab took me (the long way round no doubt). Seems like a nice area, everyone is very polite... I guess it ain't so gangster here after all. [Edit: New York is very safe, the Mayor at the time I was there was Bloomberg, he said "If you attack a tourist you go to prison no ifs and no buts" a pretty cool policy.]

The photo below is looking up at the glass roof of the Guggenheim museum just off Central Park. It's really not that interesting of a place but looks weird from the outside so I figured I would check it out. Fun movie fact, Will Smith ran around these slopes after he tracks down an alien in Men in Black!